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Stay on top of your health with our range of home self-test products. Quick & easy to use, our tests give you insightful and reliable information about your health to help optimise overall wellbeing. Take our tests to reach your health goals.

General wellbeing
Nutritional health
Weight management
Cardiovascular health
Women's health
Men's health

General Wellbeing

These tests will give you results and insight to enable you to make changes to your day-today lifestyle so that you can feel your best.

Nutritional Health

What you eat plays a major role in your overall health and well-being, these tests can help you decide how to fuel your body to minimise intolerances and deficiencies.

Weight Management

Designed by experts, our tests are for those who have tried to manage their weight through lifestyle changes and want to determine if a genetic predisposition may be contributing.

Cardiovascular Health

Evaluate the levels of crucial biomarkers affecting your heart health with our discreet and straightforward home health tests.

Women's Health

If you’re going through hormonal changes or experiencing frustrating symptoms, testing could give you the insight you need to improve your symptoms.

Men's Health

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction and looking for answers? Our blood test will check for key indicators of the most common ...