Sperm Concentration Rapid Test
Sperm Concentration Rapid Test
Sperm Concentration Rapid Test
Sperm Concentration Rapid Test

Sperm Concentration Rapid Test


Would you like to understand if your sperm production could be interfering with your chances of conceiving?

This test is a quick and easy way to screen for a low concentration of sperm in your semen. There are many reasons you may have fertility challenges and knowing whether low sperm production is the cause can help you make lifestyle changes or seek additional support from your doctor to aid your goals to conceive.

The result of this test could help you understand what next steps to take in understanding your problems conceiving and will help you decide whether you need further testing or treatment.

  • Gives a result that indicates if sperm concentration is below a threshold

  • Simple semen sample lateral flow test

  • Rapid results in 5 minutes, no need to send to a lab

  • CE marked for home use

  • Clinically tested accuracy

  • FREE, fast delivery


Who is this test for?

This test is suited to any adults who would like to get a quick indication of whether their low sperm concentration is impacting their ability to fertilise a woman’s egg.

About 1 in 3 cases of a couple struggling to get pregnant can be caused by a low sperm count. Sperm count is determined by a number of different factors including sperm concentration, motility and sperm shape. A low sperm concentration is widely understood as when a man has fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Whilst this is common, it can be frustrating when it makes conceiving a challenge.

Male fertility problems can be caused by a number of different factors including excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, certain medications and being overweight. There are also medical problems that can cause this including imbalances in your hormone levels.

This test could be the first step in helping you understand whether a low sperm concentration could be the cause of your fertility challenges.

What you will discover

This test will give a ‘normal’ result which indicates that sperm concentration in semen is equal to or more than 15 million/mL. An ‘abnormal’ result will be given where sperm concentration falls below that number.

By taking this test, you can gain an understanding of whether your sperm concentration could be affecting the chances of you conceiving. This result may then highlight the need for lifestyle changes and that further support from a healthcare professional is required.

How it works


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Read Results

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Take action

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Intended use

Please note: This test can be used to screen for abnormal sperm concentration in a semen sample as a screener for male fertility and provides a preliminary test result based on a simple home self test. It has been designed by experts to qualitatively detect acrosomal protein SP-10 found in human semen to estimate sperm concentration above or below 15 million / mL.