About us


Here at MyHealthChecked, our vision is to enable everyone to live healthier and happier lives. By rethinking how we consider and manage our own ‘health & wellness’, we provide a personalised health testing infrastructure that is accessible to all.

By pioneering a positive mindset shift for sustainable and healthier future we want to inspire everyone to optimise their own personal health.

We want to assist in everyones journey to understanding their own individual wellness priorities, and to help our community to eat better and build an awareness of how to avoid their own dietary-related obstacles.


Who we are

Our team is made up of scientists and nutritionists who are passionate about health & wellness, and who have come together with the aim of making improvements simple – aided by the understanding that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

By understanding what we are about on the individual level, our team can support you in making small changes that will make a big difference in the longer term. Aiming to live well, optimally, and as independently as possible – for as long as possible – is our privilege as human beings.

Our aim

We are a small business that has evolved to follow our commitment to helping people to make small steps to improve their own health. Not everyone is an expert, but if we can help to make the science and the process simple, and communicate in a way that is convenient and easy to understand, then we think we can make a difference.

Making big changes can be overwhelming and sometimes seem impossible, but by tuning in to our own bodies and understanding what fuels us well, we can make small adjustments today. And as giant oak trees grow from tiny acorns, our small steps to wellness can have far reaching benefits, and may well be the start of significant transformations in the longer term. We want to help you however small or big your goals are.

Our team of experts

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