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Weight Management Blood Test
Weight Management Blood Test
Weight Management Blood Test
Weight Management Blood Test

Weight Management Blood Test


Health insights to help you on your wellness journey

This at-home test will measure key indicators of your health to help you identify any areas that could be preventing you from maintaining a healthy weight.

  • GP reviewed results and recommendations

  • Finger prick sample collection from the comfort of home

  • Results ready in 2-3 working days

  • 12 relevant biomarkers tested

  • Samples analysed at our UK based laboratory

What's included in our blood test


Doctor's letter

Get access to GP reviewed results and recommendations on your next steps.



Identify the current status of your cholesterol levels, and diet recommendations to make changes where needed.

HDL cholesterolLDL cholesterolTotal cholesterolTriglyceride
Sugar cubes


Discover whether your average blood glucose levels over the previous three months are in good health.


Thyroid profile

Explore your thyroid profile to check for signs of an under active or overactive thyroid.

Thyroid stimulating hormoneThyroxine free T4

Vitamins and minerals

Uncover signs of any nutrient deficiencies by checking on your key vitamin and mineral levels.

C-reactive proteinIron (ferritin)FolateVitamin B12 activeVitamin D

Why test

This comprehensive test will give you information on your key biomarkers related to your health, and include a letter from a GP that has reviewed your results providing recommendations on the actions to take next.

Our Weight Management Blood Test was created by healthcare professionals to assess your thyroid function, and key vitamin and mineral levels. Your results will aid nutrition and lifestyle advice on the steps you can take to strive to keep healthy, and reduce your risk of you developing serious health concerns in the future.

What our customers say

Anonymous, female

The instructions were easy to understand and it was really straightforward to post which I appreciated, having a busy lifestyle and not much time. When the results came through, I found the dashboard easy to navigate and understand – there was so much more information than I anticipated. I liked how the results were broken down by testing area and the bespoke recommended foods and exercises were useful and a nice addition I didn’t expect – it’s made me think differently about my eating patterns and exercise habits and I’ll definitely be adopting some of the advice into my daily routine.

How it works

Phone with QR code inside

Activate your test by scanning the QR code provided with your kit.

Example of blood sample

Collect your blood sample.

Shipping box

Send off your sample to our UK based lab using the prepaid label provided.


Get your results with simple and actionable insights within two to three working days.

Check list

Use the advice from our team of healthcare experts to make changes to your lifestyle and nutrition, or reach out to your healthcare professional if needed.

How to take your blood sample

Intended use

This kit is designed for adults (aged 18 and over) for the collection of capillary blood samples to be performed at home. These samples are then returned to a laboratory and analysed against a variety of biomarkers. This kit alone is not suitable for screening or diagnosis, and it is not a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare professional. Please note that you should always seek advice from your doctor before starting any treatment.