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The DNA sample collection kit containing:
1x Isohelix™️ RapiDri™️ DNA cheek swab with self-drying pouch
1x Instructions for Use Leaflet
1x Return Postage Bag with Prepaid Label
1 x Barcode Label

Information provided once the kit has been used:
1x DNA test results
1x Nutrition recommendation report


MyHealthChecked DNA test provides personilised profiles to assist you in making effective decisions to support your health and lifestyle.

The test results provided will be based on the following five different health goals, including Weight Management, Intolerances & Sensitivities, Nutrients Deficiencies, Glucose Management and Heart Profile

Anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing themselves on a genetic level. Our tests are designed for beginners looking to improve their lifestyle to elite athletes wanting to improve their performance. Our tests encompass markers for diet, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle risk factors.

In accordance with our company genetics code of conduct, we will not knowingly test anyone under the age of 18, or anyone with reduced capacity to consent.