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How MyHealthChecked helped Lynne lose 2½ stone

How MyHealthChecked helped Lynne lose 2½ stone

Lynne Webb, our lovely 56-year-old customer from Maidstone, Kent, has achieved a remarkable transformation in her health! After retiring from the police force, she struggled with PTSD from the Westminster attacks, and soon the combination of a desk job, the menopause, and fibromyalgia started to show on the scales.

At 5ft 8in, Lynne didn't immediately notice the weight creeping on. She says, "I didn’t really notice the first stone. But when my weight hit 15st, from around 11st, I suddenly really felt it." The threat of diabetes, a disease that claimed her parents' health, spurred her into action. "Both my parents died from health issues arising from diabetes... So I knew I had to tackle my health to give me more time with my kids and my new grandchild," she explains.

The MyHealthChecked Weight Management DNA Test gave Lynne bespoke insights into how her body deals with food and exercise. "It was really helpful to learn that my struggles with keeping the weight off were not because I'm doing something wrong; it’s just the way my body works," she realised, and with this knowledge, she adjusted her lifestyle habits accordingly.

Lynne joined a local running club and started with a 0 to 5k programme, which provided both physical and social motivation. When lockdown arrived, she didn't let it derail her progress, sticking to a high-protein diet and taking cues from fitness guru Joe Wicks.

A pivotal moment was meeting Angela Middleton, a fitness trainer who shattered Lynne's preconceptions about age and fitness. "What supercharged my weight loss was meeting a trainer called Angela Middleton," Lynne recalls. With weight training, she saw a significant reduction in weight and inches.

Today, Lynne is all about regular trips to the gym, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep. She's lost weight, regained vitality, and is feeling younger than ever. "I’ve got so much more energy, I feel like I’m 38 again," she says with a smile. We're absolutely delighted with Lynne's progress and her commitment to living a healthier, happier life.

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