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"Using at-home testing, I discovered my energy again"

"Using at-home testing, I discovered my energy again"

At MyHealthChecked, we're committed to empowering individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing. Recently, one of our customers, a 50-year-old gentleman from Chester, shared his remarkable journey of transformation with us, and we're thrilled to recount his experience with our Intolerances & Sensitives DNA Test.

Before discovering our DNA test, George* had been grappling with persistent fatigue and a lack of energy. Despite his suspicions of a gluten intolerance, our test results revealed a surprising revelation – George actually had a low risk of intolerance to wheat and gluten.

“Using at-home testing, I discovered my energy again. I felt my body evolve from lethargy to vitality.

I had been feeling tired pretty much most of the time - not exhausted, but just lethargic and lacking motivation to do much.

Before I did my DNA test, I had suspected that I could have an underlying intolerance to wheat and gluten, MyHealthChecked’s Intolerances & Sensitives DNA Test revealed that I actually had a low risk of developing either of these. I was extremely surprised to learn that my risk factors were high for sodium, caffeine, and lactose. I’d spent all my time focused on attributing my bodily discomfort to one cause, I was headed in the complete wrong direction.

Although I don’t have a high-salt diet and have been avoiding caffeine, after two days of reducing lactose, I felt an immediate change.

Since altering my diet, I’ve been able to get up early to walk the dog, something I’ve never had the energy to do. Understanding my body's needs and my genetic make-up has also transformed my fitness journey. I have lost nearly a stone in a month through a combination of diet and moderate exercise.

Finally, I was surprised that my eyes have felt a lot clearer. Previously they’d felt rather dry and gritty, which I attributed to feeling tired all the time. Since reducing my lactose intake, my eyes feel a lot clearer, no longer irritated and I seem to be able to focus better.”

At MyHealthChecked, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. Our DNA tests focus on looking at your genetic predispositions to give you guidance - and maybe answers - to some of your gut health struggles and share with you nutrition advice from healthcare professionals that you can use to tailor your diet and strive for feeling your best. Explore more about our Intolerances & Sensitives DNA Test.

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*Name changed for privacy reasons.