Test-to-Release to reduce travel quarantine

MyHealthChecked is a Government-approved Test-to-Release scheme partner. By taking this optional COVID test, you might be able to reduce travel quarantine.

Want to reduce your quarantine? Buy an optional Test-to-Release kit.

For some travellers, it’s possible to end quarantine up to 4 days early using the Test-to-Release scheme. To do this, you’ll need to take an additional test on Day 5.

If you get a negative result on Day 2 and Day 5, you can end self-isolation. Find out more about rules and eligibility on the Test-to-Release page.

You are not able to use the Test-to-Release scheme if travelling from a red list country.

Test-to-Release is an optional extra test on Day 5.
End quarantine early if you test negative.
Not suitable for travellers from red list countries.

The Test-to-Release timeline

Day 0: Arrive in England

Self-isolate as soon as you get home. Order your Government-package tests for Day 2 and 8 here. You’ll be able to buy these from us on Monday 12th April.

Order your Test-to-Release kit here.

You will receive your test on your Day 5 after arrival in England.

Day 4: Test-to-Release kit dispatched

Your Test-to-Release kit will be dispatched today, ready for you to receive on your Day 5.
Continue to self-isolate.

Day 5: Take your test

Your Test-to-Release kit will arrive today.

Watch the how-to-test video before you get started – then take your test. Post it back using a Royal Mail Priority Postbox and continue to self-isolate.

IMPORTANT: You MUST activate your kit before you return it, and take note of the barcode and tracking number.

Day 6: Wait for results

We will process your sample within 24-48 hours of receipt at our lab, and share the result by email as soon as they are ready.

You must continue to self-isolate until you get your results.

Day 8: Take your Day 8 test

Even if your Test-to-Release result test is negative, you will still need to take a your Day 8 government-package test.

Order your test now

Government-approved, painless and safe for all the family.

Test-to-Release FAQs

Got questions?

Guidelines change regularly – so please do contact us, we’re here to help.

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