COVID-19 Fit-to-Fly tests for international travel

If you’re travelling from the UK to another country, it's likely you'll need to take a COVID test, also known as a Fit-to-Fly test. Here’s what you need to know…

Need a PCR test to fly?

MyHealthChecked Fit-to-Fly COVID tests for travel are gentle, safe for all the family, and you can expect results within 24-48 hours of lab receipt.

It is vital you check what’s required by your airline and destination country, and be really clear on the timings before you purchase.

COVID testing when you travel

Which test do you need? It depends on your travel plans: 

Fit-to-FlyDay 2 Travel TestDay 2 & Day 8 Travel PackageTest-to-Release
Leaving the UK?
Returning from a Green Country
Returning from a Amber Country
Returning from a Red Country

Check your timings

Most countries require a PCR test to be taken a very specific time before flying and/or arriving in the country. 

We kindly advise all our customers it is their responsibility to work out the time in which they need to take their test, ensuring they consider results are available between 24-48 hours from lab receipt and not from posting the sample.

Testing for travel – how does it work?

Step 1: Check timings and details

It is vital you check what’s required by your airline and destination country, and be really clear on the timings before you purchase a test.

Step 2: Order your test

Allow as much time as possible – tests are dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, but delays are still possible.

Step 3: Receive your kit

Watch the how-to-test video before you get started, activate your kit, then take your sample.

IMPORTANT: You MUST activate your kit before you return it, and take note of the barcode and tracking number. No activation = no results.

Step 4: Return your sample

Return your test using the pre-paid, tracked Royal Mail service, in person or use your own choice of courier if time is tight.

DON’T FORGET: No activation = no results.

Step 5: Results and Travel Certificate

We will process your sample within 24-48 hours of receipt at our lab, and share the results and a travel certificate by email if your result is negative.

Delivery Times

Though we’ll do all we can to help you make your flight, we accept no  responsibility for costs or delays. Read our full disclaimer here.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Free delivery

With prepaid returns.

24-48 hours

Test results by email.

99.9% accurate

Results you can rely on.

When should I do my Fit-to-Fly test?

You’ll need to check requirements with your airline and destination. 

Be sure that you understand: 

  • Delivery times for your kit and your sample
  • The 24-48 hour processing window

It’s your responsibility to be sure that the timeframe works for you. 

Important to know

Customer responsibility

MyHealthChecked accepts no responsibility for delays in results or liability for any costs arising from any delay, disruption or cancellation of your travel plans directly or indirectly caused by the requirement to produce a travel certificate.

It is your responsibility to check the travel certificate requirements of the airline destination, including the test collection time frame requirements. The maximum number of hours or days prior to your flight in which your test needs to have been taken varies depending on airline and travel destination. This may vary between 72 hours to 7 days before departure or arrival at your destination and is subject to change.

Please check requirements before booking your test kit to confirm the correct time frame – then make sure you take the swab and send back the kit within this time frame.

Please don’t forget to ACTIVATE YOUR TEST KIT and make a note of the barcode and tracking number if you use the prepaid service. NO ACTIVATION = NO RESULTS.

If you want to deliver your test in person, it’s vital that you contact us first. 

If you choose to use a different courier service, please contact us.

Delivery times

All orders are shipped as soon as possible via Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For. 

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-2 days of orders being placed and shipments received within 5 business days from being dispatched.

We cannot guarantee the Royal Mail service or delivery times. We provide a tracked service, but Royal Mail delays are unfortunately outside of our control.

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