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We know that how we fuel our bodies can help or hinder us. At MyHealthChecked we firmly believe that knowing how our body responds to certain foods is critical in helping us reach our own health & wellness goals.

Your DNA contains a blueprint for improving your health & wellness, so by sharing knowledge on your DNA we help you to take control of your decision-making, and help you to make small steps towards nutritional changes that are right for you.

How it works

Order kit

Order kit

Your MyHealthChecked kit will be delivered to you and includes pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked shipping to return your sample to the lab.

take a swab

Collect sample

Swab your cheek following the instructions on the box


Activate test

Once you activate your test, we collect essential consent so you feel comfortable with providing your sample. Then just drop it in any mail box, to our ISO 15189 accredited laboratory


Receive results

Digital results and insights are overseen by our Clinical Director and are shared via our secure website platform within days

Our team of experts

Medical Advisor
Expert in Nutrigenetics
Clinical Director
Product Manager
Technical Director

Holistic approach controlled by you

There are key steps we can take to improve how we feel day to day, and having recommendations backed by sound scientific and regulatory knowledge is a must.

Compliant laboratories

Compliant laboratories

Our UK partner laboratories operate to strict standards including ISO 15189. We carefully monitor regulatory changes and evolve our Quality Assurance strategies in line with evolving UK legislation and standards.

Experienced scientists

Experienced scientists

Our team of scientists comprises highly experienced individuals who are passionate about helping people through scientific analysis, and love creating accurate tests that are reliable. Your DNA is highly respected within our lab, as is your personal data.

Fair pricing

Fair pricing

We have a transparent pricing structure that is simple. Our aim is to be affordable for as many people as possible. As ours is a test based on your DNA lifetime blueprint, and not a biomarker test based at a single moment in time that is more commonly available, we are passionate about fair pricing.



Let’s not over complicate matters, life can be complicated enough. We have categorised your tests so that you are not overwhelmed by unnecessary information. Simple tests, with simple results, that are simple to understand and follow. That’s what MyHealthChecked is all about.


Sample privacy is paramount

Safety and security of your data is of paramount importance, and as described in our Privacy Notice we use multiple layers of physical, technical, and administrative procedures to protect your data from unauthorised access while conducting our business.

We do not hold your DNA/RNA sample for longer than 10 days before disposal.


The questions we get asked most

We do not believe that we should provide DNA tests to children or young adults under the age of 18, therefore customers must be over 18 to purchase our DNA tests. This is in part because we cannot validate guardianship.

Results will be provided 7-10 days from when we receive your sample at our UK laboratory.

Our tests are run alongside regular quality assurance testing within our accredited laboratories, and are all fully validated.

Your test results are a guide to take actions – the DNA tests that we provide are not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Genetic predispositions are possibilities, and do not indicate that a health condition will certainly develop.

If you have any concerns, or are planning to make significant changes to your diet or lifestyle, you must speak to a health care professional. Our tests are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.

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