Understanding COVID-19

We want to make information easy for you and provide answers you can trust. We’re working hard to compile the most interesting perspectives, links to all the latest legislation, and human-friendly interpretations of emerging science, plus our own thoughts on all things COVID-19.

Day 2 COVID-19 Travel Test

If you are travelling into England from a Green Country, you must take a test on Day 2 by law.

COVID Tests for Travel guide

In this guide, we’ll talk you through which tests you’ll need, and when you’ll need them.

What is a PCR test – and when do you need one?

The ‘Fit to Fly’ or PCR Travel certificate, and how to get one.

Antigen vs antibody – COVID test types explained

Greg Fitzgibbon, Clinical Director explains the difference.

Cheapest Day 2 and 8 COVID tests?

Is the bargain always the best choice? The hidden costs explained.

What is Test-To-Release and how does it work?

Want to reduce your self-isolation time when arriving back in England?

When is the best time to take a COVID test?

Greg Fitzgibbon, Clinical Director explains when you should take your test.

Our COVID tests identify all known mutations

You can be confident in your MyHealthChecked results.

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