How much do you know about private COVID testing?

How much do you know about private COVID testing?

The experts at MyHealthChecked have created this handy quiz to help you see if you know the facts about private COVID testing. From why you might need to pay for a private test, through to how to gain the most peace-of-mind, test your knowledge before you book or buy. Read on and see if you know what’s fact – and what’s fiction.

Everyone can get a free NHS test

FICTION. Currently, only people meeting certain criteria can get an NHS COVID-19 test. When we compiled this quiz on 18th December, it’s possible to get a free NHS COVID-19 test ONLY if one or more of the following applies: you have a high temperature; you have a new, continuous cough; you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste or it’s changed; you’re taking part in a government pilot project; if you’ve been asked to by a local council; or if you’ve been asked to get a test to confirm a positive result.

You might have to pay for a private COVID test

FACT. You cannot get a free NHS test unless you meet the eligibility criteria above. This is still the case if you live with someone who has or has had coronavirus; if you’re planning to travel for work or leisure; if you’ve visited a high risk area; or even you’ve been asked to take a test by work or an education provider. In these circumstances, GOV.UK suggests that you can pay for a private test.

At-home COVID tests can be up to 99.9% accurate

FACT. Molecular PCR test kits are the most accurate form of COVID testing available at the moment. These tests are carried out by highly experienced scientists within a laboratory. They are used to confirm if you have the infection at the time of testing. Our swab kit and lab processing is 99.9% accurate – if you’re considering private testing, be sure to check accuracy before you buy.

You need to isolate and test for most peace-of-mind

FACT. If you are testing because you want to visit loved ones who are clinically vulnerable, it’s a good idea to self-isolate for five days before testing, and until your visit to minimise the risk of infection.

A positive antibody test means you are immune

FICTION. Some people have been taking antibody tests to find out if they have had COVID-19 in the past, hoping a past infection means they’re now immune. According to the NHS, you probably have some immunity to coronavirus but it’s not clear how long it lasts. They advise that if you have symptoms a second time, you must self-isolate and get a test (on the NHS, you will be eligible). Search ‘What to do if you get coronavirus symptoms again’ on for more details.

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