How to use your MyHealthChecked COVID test

Got a MyHealthChecked COVID test kit? Here’s everything you need to know to get a 99.9% accurate result as quickly as possible.

Watch our short video and get clear on how to use your COVID test kit. 

Or download our Instructions for Use leaflet.

Six steps for successful COVID test

It takes just six simple steps.

Order a COVID test

Buy your test and we’ll get it in the post straight away, unless you order a Test-to-Release, which will be dispatched on your Day 5.

Open your test kit

Inside you’ll find a nasal swab, tube inside a biohazard bag, Instructions for Use, Essential Checklist card and a prepaid Tracked 24 Royal Mail return envelope.

Activate your test

This step is really important – if you don’t activate your kit, we can’t process your results.

Collect your sample

Find full details exactly how to collect your sample in the Instructions for Use leaflet in your test kit pack, or watch our video above.

Please note, either not swabbing, or light swabbing will NOT return a negative result. If you do not collect enough cells, we are unable to extract sufficient RNA to get a result and your test will result in an Invalid test, which we are unable to provide a refund for.

Post back same-day

Put your sample back in the original box, then into the prepaid envelope. Make a note of the tracking number,  then post it using your nearest Royal Mail Priority Postbox, find you nearest one here. Example below.

Get your results

Track your sample using the Royal Mail tracking number, and keep an eye on your inbox for your results. Once Royal Mail deliver to us and your sample has been input in our system, we will send you your test result within 24-48 hours.

What’s in the box?

Nasal swab

Gentle swab for lower nasal sampling. Take care not to touch the tip with your fingers.

Test tube with transportation medium

PrimeStore® MTM transportation medium maintains sample integrity and keeps postal workers safe. Find the barcode for kit activation on the side of this tube.

Essential checklist card

Ensure you record your tube barcode number and Royal Mail tracking number on your Essential Checklist card, so you can track your sample.

Biohazard bag

Place your sample and test tube in here before placing in returning – don’t forget to activate your kit before returning it. 

Return envelope

Place everything in this package ready to return, then add the Tracked 24 postage label. Make a note of the tracking number.


There are step by step instructions in the pack – you can also watch our short video if you’d prefer.

How long does it take to get results?

Order a test

We’ll post it the same day if you order before
12 noon, Monday – Friday.

Activate, take a swab and return test kit

Take your sample and send it back the same day. It is essential you post it back using a Royal Mail Priority Postbox.

Royal Mail Tracked 24 does not guarantee delivery and it is for this reason if your sample is time sensitive, you must always ensure you factor this into your delivery timings and if necessary, make alternative arrangements to get your sample to our lab. 

Find out more about delivery times and alternative methods here.


We need 24-48 hours to process your sample and this is from the time we scan your sample into our systems at the lab.

Please note, the delivery time reported by Royal Mail is not necessarily the exact time we receive the sample in our lab, which we understand is confusing and frustrating, however we are unable to control this due to Royal Mail processes.

Check Results

We’ll send you an email and you’ll be able to log into your My Health Board to access your results and Fit-to-Fly certificate if required.

How does the MyHealthChecked COVID test work?

Our COVID tests are what’s known as PCR diagnostic tests, or Real-Time PCR tests. They detect the presence of the virus at a molecular level. This method is more accurate and sensitive than lateral flow and antigen testing.

You provide a sample on a simple lower nasal swab. Sampling the lower nose is fine, it doesn’t have to be from the top or the back of the throat – so it doesn’t hurt and you don’t gag.

The sample is then preserved in a special vial – a PrimeStore® MTM is a molecular transport media which creates a “snapshot in time” by preserving and stabilising DNA and RNA in the sample.

Once it arrives at the lab, our scientists get to work, and your sample undergoes what’s called an extraction process. If the coronavirus is present, we can extract its genetic material – even if there’s only a tiny amount of that material. We can then detect the presence (or absence) of the virus’s genes using a ‘molecular’ method called Real-Time PCR.

Our COVID PCR tests are 99.9% accurate

These diagnostic tests offer real peace of mind, and are suitable for Fit-to-Fly and Test-to-Release.

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