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Watch the video below to see how to perform your Rapid Antigen Test


Wash your hands

Before you take your sample, please wash your hands thoroughly.


Check the contents

Make sure you have a new, unused testing kit and that it contains all the items listed on the Instructions for Use Leaflet, including disposable swab, extraction buffer tube, dropper, test cassette with a QR code, and a holder.


Make sure you have a smartphone and timer

You will also need a device with a camera (mobile or laptop), a timer and around 30 minutes to do the test.


Start your test

Place all the items and your camera on a clean, flat indoor surface.

Carefully open the foil pouch containing your test cassette.


Preparing sample collection

Remove the aluminium foil from the top of the extraction buffer tube and place the extraction buffer tube in the holder.

Next, remove the swab from its packing, being careful to ensure the tip doesn’t touch anything, including your hands


Collecting sample

Gently, insert the tip of the swab into your nostril up to 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the edge of the nostril or until you feel gentle resistance


Rotate the swab

Slowly rotate the swab 5 times for approximately 10 seconds making sure the tip is always in contact with the nasal wall, then remove. Using the same swab, repeat in your other nostril


Preparing sample analysis

Insert the swab into the buffer tube and carefully stir it for at least 30 seconds

Rotate the swab around 5 times while squeezing it against the sides of the tube, then remove the swab while squeezing the tube


Swirl the tube

You can now discard the swab. Carefully close the lid tightly on collection tube, and swirl the tube or flick off the bottom of the tube to mix the sample thoroughly


Squeeze four drops

Turn the tube upside down and then carefully squeeze four drops to the specimen well of the test cassette


Start your timer

You must now start your timer. Your results will be ready after 15-30 minutes.

It’s important that you don’t read your results after 30 minutes as they may not be accurate.


Take a photo of your test

Once your result is ready, please take a photograph of your result cassette including the QR code, and submit this for verification as instructed on your dashboard.


Results verified

Your cassette result will be verified by our team and your COVID-19 certificate result will be ready within 2 hours of completion of your test. We’ll notify you when it is ready via email.

Important information

Please note that your test result can be verified from Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm, and on weekends and bank holidays between 9:00am and 3:00pm.