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All orders received before 12pm on Weekdays are dispatched via Royal Mail for next-day delivery.

We want to ensure that you take your sample correctly, please ensure that you always read the instructions included in your kit carefully before collecting your sample. To help you, we have an in instruction video for you to view here: https://myhealthchecked.com/how-to-use-your-test/. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) included within the sample box provided. In summary, ensure you have activated your test online at https://dashboard.myhealthchecked.com/activate-kit/. Then ensure all of the components in the sample box are included as illustrated on the IFU. It is then important to complete the required details as requested on the biohazard sample bag and tube of PrimeStore® MTM inactivation media which is Date of Birth and date and time of nasal sample collection. Then wash your hands, clear your nostrils and you are then ready to take the nasal sample. Once you have completed your sample, place the swab back inside the tube, ensuring you replace the cap tightly and replace back inside the biohazard bag.

To activate your test visit the dedicated Activation page on our website. You will be asked to enter the barcode on your sample tube and then to complete a number of steps on each page. Its important to remember that what you enter at point of activation will appear on your test certificate. To avoid any undenary delays please ensure you have double checked all information before completing your activation. Please check all of your details carefully before activating your test, as errors may not be able to be amended. Please appreciate that our Care Team can not amend the date or time of test once it has been submitted. If you have watched our video but need further help activating your test, please contact our Customer Care Team.

The process for taking the nasal sample is very simple and is detailed in the Instructions for Use (IFU). However, if the sample was taken incorrectly this will be detected within the test in the laboratory and an invalid result will be presented. In some cases where the result is inconclusive we can repeat the test from the supplied swab sample. In other cases you will need to purchase a new test. The frequency of this occurring is very low as the process for taking a nasal sample is very straightforward.

An adult should help them with collection of the nasal sample as detailed in the Instructions for Use.

No, please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) included within the sample box. The nasal swab should be sent to us in the sample collection tube. Please place the swab tip down (the tip is the part of the swab that you put first into your nostril) and then screw the tube tightly shut and shake the tube for 3-5 seconds.

Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) included within the sample box provided.

It's vital that you make a note of the tube barcode and your Royal Mail tracking number on the Essential Checklist Card, so you can track it's progress back to our lab and ensure you receive your results on time.

Once you’ve taken the test, please return it to our lab the same day before 12 noon via the enclosed pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked 24 address label. Find out more here. For Royal Mail, ensure you post your sample back in a Priority Post box before 12 noon, Monday - Friday, (box near you). You’ll get an email as soon as we’ve received it, and another email 24-36 hours later to let you know your result is available in your My Health Board.

Once your sample has been received at our lab, the process normally takes between 24-36 hours, depending upon the time of receipt at the lab. Please note, the delivery time reported by Royal Mail is not necessarily the same time we receive your sample and start processing it, as there is a period of time needed to upload your sample onto our system. When your results are ready, you will receive an email telling you to log into My Health Board to access them.