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COVID Recovery Certificate - What Is It?

COVID Recovery Certificate - What Is It?

Travelling soon and don’t want to do a lateral flow or PCR test? Instead of having to risk the chance of you having a positive result, many countries accept a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery instead of a fit to fly COVID test when entering.

This certification is available if you have recently tested positive for COVID and subsequently recovered. You must confirm that you are relatively symptom free and thus, assumed to have some degree of natural immunity.

For instance, international travel into the United States necessitates either a COVID test or documentation of recovery (i.e. COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery). In this case, your positive test should have been taken more than 90 days before departure. Different nations have different requirements about how long ago your positive COVID test should be. You must check foreign travel requirements.

MyHealthChecked provides certificates if your positive COVID test result date was in the last 180 days. This process is very smooth - you don’t even need to go to a clinic! Just upload your positive test result proof (some nations do not accept a lateral flow positive test - check requirements) and fill in some details about your symptoms. Then, one of our doctors will verify this information, and then issue a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery.

Then, off you go on your travels stress-free!